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I've had my 2017 Trax about 2 months and have put about 2k miles on it.I've noticed that accelerating from a dead stop has a a very jerky feel to it.Mine goes on and off, seems to have to do with the brightness outside or so. Sun goes away, dashboard light dimms or disappears. There is a light sensor in the center up by the windshield. If you dim it to Min bright at night it will reset to auto control dimming again.Yeah, true about ignition coil - and they made it as one block, no separate ignition coils - so one can't change them separately, need to replace the whole piece of crap.In this case the dunes tell us that the wind direction is approximately from South-Southeast to North-Northwest.

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Just regular fluid changes and once the water pump went out. Only then did we replace spark plugs and other big maintenance.Most of the dunes visible in this observation are barchan dunes.On barchan dunes, the steep slip face is between two &ldquol;horns” that point downwind.(Inside Science TV) – Everything from food, to air to water runs the risk of becoming contaminated.Now chemists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California have developed a technology that can detect and track dangerous particles in food and in the air.

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