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I like this movie , it has a good realization , nice atmosphere , an original script and partially faithful to the roles of the twins , and sympathetic interpretations , though little fidelity to the comic books .

Enjoyable support cast such as Javier Gutiérrez of ¨Red Eagle¨ as Falconetti who rules the center with a heavy hand and Alex Angulo of ¨The day of the beast¨ as Esperanza .

They form the Marble Gang, the children's Resistance, in order to defy the evil headmaster.

Guided by intelligence, bravery and unbreakable faith in friendship, they uncover a mysterious secret hidden deep within the school and end up having the most exciting adventure of their lives.

Zipi and Zape is the most famous creation from Escobar , a legendary Spanish cartoonist .

They are twins have a great heart but in their adventures they're not good students like their cousin Sapientin ; then they often finish in punishment by their parents , both of whom here don't appear .

This is a fun movie concerning a feisty bunch of underprivileged as well as naughty twin kids Zipi (Raul Rivas) & Zape (Daniel Cerezo) who are punished and sent to summer school at Esperanza College (actually Schossberger castle, Tura, Hungary) , a strict re-education school run by terrible Falconetti (Javier Gutiérrez , a homage to William Smith/Falconetti from Rich man , Poor man) , a nasty Principal with an eye-patch and forbids all forms of amusement and entertainment .

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Their stories are published directly on hardcover albums under the "Magos del Humor" label.

Entertaining film with a lot of fun , state-of-art special effects and interesting screenplay ; according to director Oskar Santos was a lovely homage based on Escobar characters .

The picture blends comedy , adventure action, rip roaring , cliff hunger , tongue-in-check and results to be extremely entertained .

Zipi y Zape are the names of two iconic Spanish comic book characters created by José Escobar Saliente in 1947, and of their eponymous strip.

With Mortadelo y Filemón, they are the most popular and most translated Spanish comic books.

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