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The editing of the massive amounts of footage Fox acquired was entrusted to the award-winning Danish editor Niels Pagh Andersen.The fact that the "confessional" aspect of the film does not deteriorate into a narcissistic, solipsistic mess no doubt owes a great deal to Andersen's skills.

For example, arriving in India, she met with Paromita, a 32-year-old activist, and was "amazed" at how few people bothered her on the street because Paromita served as a guardian of sorts.Jong's iconic Fear of Flying examined the female psyche (primarily hers) through the man-woman conundrum, sex, marriage, divorce, motherhood and that elusive Shangri-la, Freedom.And Jong modernized the quotidian sexual fantasy into a rousing "zipless fuck." Fast-forward 34 years.The wingspan of this audacious and exhilarating six-part, six-hour series stretches from Phnom Penh to Islamabad, from Lapland to Capetown, and effectively employs flying metaphors throughout.Chapter titles include "Test Piloting," "Experiencing Turbulence," "Crash and Burn," "Walking Away from the Wreck" and "Breaking the Sound Barrier." Appropriately, Flying opens at the Film Forum in New York City on Independence Day and screens through July 17.

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