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Ann Rule: I don't know about the finances of Cheryl's kids. Ann Rule: When I heard about Susan Smith, I thought of Diane - only Diane Downs killed her children to get a lover back 10 years before Susan did.

But I'm sure that Bob Mc Nannay, her one-time stepfather is handling it all well. Question: I love to read murder stories because I try to find out what drove that person to actually kill another human being.

Question: Ann, do you plan more books about true crimes in the South? Ann Rule: I hope to see Georgia again one day, yes. I'd be interested to know if you know how the surviving children of Diane Downs are doing? Ann Rule: Diane's kids are doing great, but they're Fred and Joanne Hugi's kids now. Danny started college this year and is on the swim team, despite being a paraplegic from where his mother shot him.

Question: Ann, I am from Kansas and grew up near the Greens.

Not only do we offer you products, but also branding with many of our products customisable to promote your brand using your corporate identity (logo, contact information, etc.).

Our in-house team works with your pre-designed files to promote your company at sporting events, corporate sponsorship days and even in retail with our beds branded under your name.

We are converters and manufacturers of foam and foam products servicing the following industries among others: beds and mattresses, sport, automotive, household, outdoor, leisure, hospitality, institutions (schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) and packaging.

As a manufacturer striving in a competitive industry, where pricing, quality and lead times are key factors, we offer our clients a guaranteed lead time with each order, maintaining our high quality, international standards whilst still proffering affordability with a large range of suited-to-your-pocket products.

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" Ann Rule: Sara Gordon and her three boys are fine. The good in humanity always comes out wayyyyy ahead!Question: Have you ever done any research in the San Juan Islands?Ann Rule: I love the San Juans, and there are a couple of cases up there that I'm looking at. Question: Ann, what did you feel when Bundy was executed?Question: Is it true that most serial killers are of above average, some even genius level intelligence?Ann Rule: Most serial killers are smart, because the dumb guys with the same impulses get caught early on. Question: Ann: Are there any murder cases that you know of where the Internet played a key role?

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