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But with the advent of social media and a more aggressive and brutal brand of pimps emerging on the scene, law enforcement officials and nonprofit leaders worry that New Orleans has entered a new and more dangerous sex trade era, with Bourbon Street as one of two focal points for pimps.What sets Bourbon Street apart is that pimps use an unusually wide range of methods to entice victims and lure customers there, investigators said.Surrounded by hotels where clients can easily slip away with a prostitute, Bourbon Street has become a playground for pimps – the kingpins of a brutal and sadistic underworld that hides in plain sight.

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During that time, prosecutors told jurors, the woman’s pimp physically abused her and raped her.

“We have come so far understanding sexual assault, domestic violence, rape.

Why have we made so little progress in our understanding that young and vulnerable women are being exploited, bought and sold on Bourbon Street?

Even when authorities have compiled evidence that pimps on Bourbon are exploiting women, recruiting new sex trafficking victims and more recently using the women to rob customers, the sex trade has continued to fester.

Since the nonprofit Covenant House began tracking sex trafficking cases in early 2016, dozens of women – some younger than 18 – have reported falling victim to trafficking and sexual exploitation in clubs both in Louisiana and out of state.

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