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When I was twelve through fourteen I attended a music camp at U of I and we *had* to be on our own.

Anyway, the locker room is roughly 20 feet away – and clearly visible from – the pool.And then my fifteen year old went to science camp at the University of Illinois where it was stated upfront that never would the girls (it was an all girls camp) be allowed out of the dorms without counselor supervision.The whole program had to troop everywhere together – to classes, out for evening entertainment, you name it.It’s crazy that someone who gets paid /day to work basically 24/7 can’t even get through a night without being woken up multiple times just because someone has to go.In fact, this traveling in groups of threes (called “treadies”) applied to all situations (because, I’m told, if one person gets hurt — which happens frequently on 50 foot trips to the bathroom, I suppose — then one person can stay with that person while the other person goes to get help).

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