Moms dating a vampire disney movie

Max’s quest to stop the Sanderson Sisters and save the souls of both his sister and the children of Salem mirrors Thackery Binx’s heartbreaking failed attempt to save his sister 300 years earlier, lending the film a sobering, sibling-centric emotional side that counteracts some of the film’s sillier (and delightful) moments (I’ve never been able to look at a vacuum cleaner the same way after seeing this film).While the parental figures are less present in , the strong bonds of brother and sister are at the core of both films, as respective sets of siblings attempt to save their families from a charming yet deadly force.To be quite honest, I'm generally not a huge vampire fan, but I do however, think Charles Shaughessy, as Dimitri, gives a great performance by having "suave, debonair" characteristics, while still having a dark sense of humor.Caroline Rhea is also very good in this film, as a single mom struggling to get back into the dating scene...To put it shortly, the film is about a teenager named Adam and his sister Chelsea who get grounded, and therefore decide to set their mom up on a date, so they can spend their Saturday night out. When Adam and Chelsea find out, they are determined to save her.Being a made-for-TV Disney movie, Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire might not be a Halloween movie to rave about, but it's definitely one that my generation admires for its charm, cliches, and Halloween elements (as we know disney is usually great at all three of these things).

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The homestead is kept functioning by overworked single mom Lynette (Caroline Rhea from ), who has put a stake in her love life to focus on her career and family following a separation with her husband.

Looking to avoid a grounded evening at home, Adam and Chelsea concoct a plan to set their mom up for a date so they can sneak out for the night.

These movies may have debuted on the small screen, but in my house, they were given the red carpet treatment.

My sister and I would often make it a point to watch these new films on “opening night,” and I still have fond memories of watching movies like actress Laura Vandervoort), 13-year-old monster expert Adam Hansen (Matt O’Leary), and younger brother Taylor (Myles Jeffrey).

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