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I don't know who they hired to write this GARBAGE, but let me tell you one thing.. Have we reached the point that we have to be so friggen P. we can't say something bad about someone that isn't white?

Every day that I and every Nurse in this country go to work, WE are the people who stand at the patient's side and MORE THAN OFTEN, stand between the patient LIVING or DYING, Especially in the Critical Care or Open Heart recovery phase. About this episode, First year interns do not know enough or have the skill to perform surgery on their first day. Secondly, in the scene where "The Surgeon" was admonishing a Nurse for GOD FORBID, She used her BRAIN, questioned an order. Last, before I fall off my soap box, If a Doctor talked to me in that frame of reference, I would have gladly SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!!!!! (It has nothing to do with her race, I just can't stand to look at her and her "acting" is a joke) Although, I did see the end of last week's show and the "crying" that Grey did in the closet after watching the old lady die when the plug was pulled was about the worst acting I have seen in some time... I'm not saying that all the actresses have to be TENS, but why is the "ugo" being made out to be the best thing on this show?

Improbably, George (whom we can only assume is straight) complains about this, only to prompt her poke her head into the shower while he's there.

Meanwhile, there's cocky Alex who mocks her modeling days and she gets even by stripping in front of him.

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Expect not to see her blossom but the writers may try to get her to act against type as she has by posing in her skivvies.After constantly berating, belittling and humiliating her roommate George, and never hesitating to make it clear to him that his opinion means nothing to her, Izzie (short for Isobel) asks him in all seriousness, "Did you feel like I was emasculating you?" Even more incredulously, she said it with a straight face."Emasculating" is the key word in this show.This show has all the framework of being a great program, and I don't even mind the chick power stuff adding a little verve.I just wish they'd take it back a few notches and make the males (beyond Dempsey's character) a lot more sympathetic. specializing in adult ICU and open heart recovery for 10 years and am very proud of it.

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