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I would hope we could converse for a few minutes before resorting to "my job is better than yours." Always comes up at some point, but I try to talk about some non-work-related interests first.

I also try to avoid [work talk] more than others given I work in finance and I don't want them to lump me in a box before I have had a chance to say anything.

She explains, “as a professional matchmaker with an office in New York City, many of my clients are very successful, high-profile Wall Street men.” Daniels claims she knows better than anyone what makes Wall Street men tick, so her tips for dating such fellows must be amazing, right?

We decided to put that claim to the test, asking a range of Wall Street men and women what they thought about Daniels’ recommendations.

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I am probably trying to remember if I bought my Lotto tickets today. Yes, but I don’t think this just applies to dating Wall Street guys. Confidence and the way a woman puts herself together in this city makes a big difference. Obviously sexing it up a little doesn't hurt anyone. No, but if it is a first date or you are out trying to find a guy, you better be This is stupid.But what do you do if you don’t have any exotic travel selfies?Fear not, as Delta Air Lines, with help from W K, has printed photos from nine exotic destinations on a wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so that New York City singles can take selfies for their dating profile and look like the attractive jet-setters that they aspire to be. The photos on the wall (surrounded by cute illustrations by Andrew Rae), feature iconic shots from Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Zurich.If you are too nice, you will probably not succeed long term.This is what I am thinking about while you are telling your stories, so it is probably best to keep them short.

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