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Now it seems this endearing gaze that forms the canine-human relationship could date back over 30,000 years.

There are plenty of reasons why dogs have earned the nickname “man’s best friend.” Unlike human BFFs, they never make a conversation all about themselves, and they’re always available to hang out.

They’re great listeners, love to stay in on a Friday night, and are the MOST excited to see you every day.

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However, dogs may have become man’s best friend well before the last Ice Age.

A recent genomic analysis of an ancient Taimyr wolf bone found during an expedition to the Taimyr Peninsula in Siberia has revealed that the special bond shared between dogs and humans could stretch back more than 30,000 years.

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By analyzing ancient dog burials in Siberia, a study published in PLo S ONE revealed the close relationship between prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies and their dogs and what it can show us about the societies themselves.At the same time, a network of international scientists studying DNA from canines around the world have announced new findings about how, where and when dogs may have begun to evolve from wolves.In the first study, researchers from Russia, Europe and the United States focused their work on human and dog burial sites in eastern Siberia, a region that appears to have been chock-full of prehistoric dog lovers.One man was buried with two dogs laid on either side of him, while another dog was placed in his grave wearing a necklace fashioned from four deer’s teeth pendants.All the dogs found bore a resemblance to large varieties of huskies, similar to today’s Siberian huskies.

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